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Tomasz Kobialka



2015 - 2017 Masters in Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, United Kingdom

2005 BSEng Software Engineering (Honors), Australian National University, Australia



2017 Tiffany & Co. Outset Studiomakers Prize (Winner)

2017 Startpoint Prize (Final Selection)

2017 Red Mansion Residency (Nominated)



2016 Lokaal 01, Antwerp, Belgium

2015 New York Artist Residency & Studio (NARS) Foundation Residency, Brooklyn, New York, USA

2014 Autocenter Summer Academy (ACSA ) w/ Yngve Holen, Autocenter, Berlin

2013 Autocenter Summer Academy (ACSA ) w/ Dirk Bell, Autocenter, Berlin


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 Corrupt Blood Incident, South Kiosk Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2017 Memememe, The Crypt Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2016 Reference Mollusk, Gossamer Fog, Deptford, United Kingdom

2015 Curatacism, NARS Gallery, Brooklyn, USA

2014 ASCA Week III, Autocenter, Berlin, Germany

2014 Unknown Country, Kreuzberg Pavilion, Berlin, Germany

2013 ASCA, Autocenter, Berlin, Germany



2014 Interview with Amy Binding for Sleek Art

2014 Berlin Art Stories: Tomasz Kobialka


Selected Writing by Artist

2015 Dark ecology, Extinction and the new Nature:, Sleek Magazine Issue 45

2014 Yves Scherer gets “Closer” to the truth

2014 Excrement as Monument: “10” at Berghain

2014 My Girlfriend is the Revolution: PUNK IS DADA

2014 The Quickening of Jeremy Shaw

2014 Taking aim at post-internet art's detractors: Ned Vena at Societe

2014 Katja Novitskova: Are We There Yet?

2014 Brad Troemel’s Coin Collection

2013 Anonymous Materials at Fridericianum

2013 Katharina Grosse, Temporarily Available

2013 Roman Liška’s Research ‘n Motion